Georg Jensen Hallmark 1919-1927


In 1924, Georg Jensen travelled to Paris for the World Exhibition where he was awarded Grand Prix. He stayed for two years to work on several designs and silver projects. 

The raised-dot oval with the 'GEORG JENSEN' hallmark was used until around 1927. During this period the transition to 925S began. Designer Johan Rohde's stylized initials 'J' and 'R' can be found within an additional raised-dot oval. 

Also, note the Danish assay office mark on the left, which was in accordance to a hall-marking act instituted in 1893, and a mark on the right from assay master C. F. Heise, used from 1904-1932. (Master J. Sigsgaard was used from 1933 onward.)

Often from 1918-1921, year marks can be found within rectangles to indicate the date each piece was produced. 

Rachel Prater