Nina Koppel


Nina Koppel (1942 – 1990) studied textile design at Kunsthåndværkerskolen – Denmark’s School of Arts and Crafts. She graduated in 1966 and that same year established her own workshop. She began her collaboration with Georg Jensen in the 1980’s. Her initial designs centred around silver jewellery collections. In 1987, she designed the ring that eventually led to the Fusion ring, which ushered in a new way of thinking in modern jewellery. What made the Fusion ring stand out was the ability of the wearer to design it according to their tastes–red gold, yellow gold and white gold, with or without diamonds could be put together in any combination.

This was a departure in modern jewellery because it encouraged the wearer to take more of an active role in the design of their jewellery. Nina Koppel was known for her ability to combine simplicity with mysticism in a beautiful way. Her designs are intelligent; in the Fusion ring for example, each piece interlocks with the others seamlessly. Her talent did not come from nowhere – her father was master silver craftsman and long-time Georg Jensen collaborator Henning Koppel. Nina Koppel’s innovative work has been exhibited at several acclaimed venues including The Danish Museum of Decorative Art.

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