Johan Rohde


Johan Rohde (1856 - 1935) was a distinguished Danish painter, graphic artist, designer and critic. Born into a well-to-do merchant family in Randers, he went on to a career in art. In 1875 he studied painting and drawing in the studio of Fredrik Rohde, Wenzel Tornoe and C.F. Andersen. In 1881 - 82 he attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. From 1883 through 1887 he studied at the Artists’ Studio School, where one of his teachers, acclaimed painter P.S. Kroyer, passed along a strong interest in progressive trends in French painting. By the late 1880s Rohde had achieved recognition for his painting and his work was included in important exhibitions held in Denmark and Germany. He was a member of the avant garde and a prominent rebel within the Danish art world.

In 1903 Rohde began his professional association with Georg Jensen by commissioning him to fabricate objects that Rohde had designed for his personal use. Rohde and Jensen gradually formed a closer bond and Rohde created many designs that are still in production today. One of the most famous is the Acorn pattern, which has been the company’s best selling cutlery pattern. Rohde also designed textiles and furniture. 

Excerpts from Georg Jensen Holloware, The Silver Fund Collection and The Georg Jensen Society, The Unknown Georg Jensen.

Rachel Prater