Mary Gage Sterling Silver Brooch with Turquoise

Mary Gage Sterling Silver Brooch with Turquoise


Lily pad sterling silver brooch with turquoise by Mary Gage.

Mary Gage (1898-1993) was born in Indiana. She served as a nurse during World War I. After the war she traveled around the world, with two years spent in China. She developed a life-long interest in all thing Chinese. 

When she returned to the United States, she learned silversmithing and opened her business in New York. Her jewelry was sold in New York and at exhibits throughout the country. In her later years, she lived in Connecticut, Vermont, and Portland. 

Mary was eccentric and often traveled with at least 13 large poodles. Her motifs were inspired by nature and are usually heavily carved, chased, and beaded.

Elyse Zorn Karlin wrote in her book, Jewelry & Metalwork in the Arts & Crafts Tradition,that Mary Gage "had no formal training and learned her craft by working with Armenian and Yemenite Jews in Greenwich Village.”

Excerpt from Chicago Silver website.

Designer: Mary Gage
Maker: Mary Gage
Design #: N/A
Circa: 1940's
Dimensions: 2” D
Country of Origin: USA

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